21 Day Stewardship Devotional Day 3

Pastor Ryan Balsan   -  

Read Matthew 25:14-30
We all believe in scarcity. We know that when we use something it will be depleted, and will eventually be gone. We often think of stewardship as a way to preserve what we have. Using resources wisely is part of stewardship. So we conserve, save, and carefully use what we have.
But stewardship is more than saving what we have. There are some things that, if we don’t use them, will wither away. Like your muscles. The more you use them, the stronger you become. Using muscles enables you to do more. You don’t use them up, you build them.
This parable says something similar about the gifts that God gives. When we use them, they grow, expand, and can be used even more. When we use God’s gifts, the kingdom grows and we are empowered and enriched.
Gracious God, thank you that your Kingdom grows when we use our gifts. Help me to trust that when I use the gifts you give, I will grow and know your faithfulness and provision. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.