21 Day Stewardship Devotional Day 5

Pastor Ryan Balsan   -  

Read I Timothy 6:6-8
Contentment is underrated. We idolize the discontent: people who want to change their situations and change the world. Discontentment can be a strong motivator, because it means that we are dissatisfied with the status quo. But does being content mean that we don’t want to change the world?
In this passage, Paul is not telling us to resign ourselves to the brokenness and misery of the world. What Paul is warning against is falling in love with money and material things, because it breeds destructive discontent.
The contentment that Paul speaks of here can free us from the rat race of constantly needing more and more. If we are content with our daily provision, it can free us to be more generous and to serve more unreservedly, because we can give up worrying about our daily desires.
Holy God, give us the gift of contentment with our lives, so that we might be more focused on the needs of the world around us. Amen.