21 Day Stewardship Devotional Day 8

Pastor Ryan Balsan   -  

Read Deuteronomy 6:1-11
What motivates you? You might answer, “Well, that depends on what I’m doing.” Sometimes we are motivated by necessity, passion, vision, friendship, tradition, family ties, patriotism, or some combination of these and other factors.
When it comes to stewardship and generosity, what motivates you? Take a few minutes to think about your answer to that question.
Now look again at Deuteronomy 6 and ask what the text says is the motivation for giving to the Lord. The text speaks of deliverance, the Lord’s listening ear, and the power of God. There is a motivation that lies beneath these things, though. That motivation is gratitude. Below the surface of recounting all God’s saving work is gratitude to the Lord for His work of deliverance and provision. This suggests that one of the motivating factors of the discipleship of Christian stewardship is also gratitude: Thankfulness for God’s saving work in your life, and God’s faithful provision for you.
Generous Lord, I praise you because you love me, save me, and provide for me. Fill me with gratitude today for your provision and grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.