Welcome to Seeds of Joy Christian Nursery School!
We are a ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Ambler,
a place where lives are changed by Christ
and we live out our faith together.

FPC Ambler has a rich history focused on Jesus’ command to make disciples while serving the needs of our community and the world in response to God’s love for us. We are deeply rooted in the heart of Ambler and want to see our community transformed by the love of God. We have a vision for children to take part in this new high quality, early educational opportunity
here at FPC Ambler.
These dreams are being fulfilled because they are inspired by God!
For more information call Kelly Campion 610.517.2396

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More information below for:
Twos Program (for children who turn two by September 1)
Threes Program (for children who turn three by September 1)
Fours and Pre-Kindergarten (for children who turn 4 by September 1)

Twos Program (Seeds)

9:15AM-11:45 AM
2 days: Tuesdays and Thursdays.
3 days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

For children who turn two
by September 1. Optional lunch munchers until 12:45 PM and learning extenders 12:45- 2:45PM for potty trained students. Maximum of 10 students.


Threes Program (Sprouts)

2 days: Tues and Th.
3 days: Mon., Wed. and Fri.
For children who turn three
by September 1.Optional lunch munchers until 12:45 PM and learning extenders 12:45- 2:45PM for potty trained students.Maximum of 16 students.


Fours and Pre-Kindergarten (Trees)

4 days: Monday-Thursday

for children who turn 4 by September 1. Optional lunch munchers until 12:45 PM and learning extenders 12:45- 2:45PM for potty trained students. Maximum of 12 students.


Special Add-Ons

In addition to our regular class menu we also offer:

Early Risers 8AM-9:15 AM $12

Lunch Munchers until 12:45PM for potty trained children $12/day

Learning Extenders 12:45PM-2:45PM for children who are potty trained. $18.00/day

Toddler and Me Playgroup

STARTING October 3, 2022, every Monday from 10-11am. For children roughly ages 18 months and up, and caregivers who are looking for time outside the home for their toddlers and to play and interact with others.
Our focus is on play and socialization in a small group environment, while accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

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Join us for a video tour of our classrooms, learning centers and imaginative play areas. Contact Kelly Campion for more information.

“I can only praise the extraordinary care given to my son when attending the Seeds of Joy Christian Nursery School. Every class is a new experience for him, as he participates in any number of activities from painting, to yoga, to holiday themed gatherings! Each staff member and educator is remarkably kind and caring, truly valuing each child as an individual; helping them to learn and grow at their own pace. And each week parents are treated to exciting news about the children’s lessons, upcoming events, and even photographs of the little ones adventures! I am incredibly grateful to have discovered Seeds of Joy and both my son and I look forward to what’s on the horizon here!”
Kathie Soto-Stewart
With the pandemic and being a stay at home mom of two kids, I was hesitant to put my son in preschool. I knew he would probably benefit from the socialization but I was still nervous to be apart from him. My fears completely subsided within days of my son attending the Sprouts class at Seeds of Joy. Mrs. Campion’s energetic and confident personality gave me confidence as I entrusted my son to her care. Both Mrs. Campion and Ms. Nicole share a genuine love and joy for teaching that was evident from the start. They are positive and dynamic leaders. Not only do they love teaching but they care deeply for the kids. My son who loved being at home now also loves going to school. My husband and I continue to be amazed that, as a new nursery school, Seeds of Joy operates so efficiently - like they’ve been around for years. There are a variety of fun activities planned weekly, while they also work on developmental milestones. It’s pretty impressive and I’m extremely thankful for them.
Jodi Baird, parent of a 4 year old

Seeds of Joy - FALL FUN!


Kelly Campion

Director, Seeds of Joy

Teresa Nolin

Associate Director & Lead Teacher

Nicole Teets

Assistant Teacher

Tara Brown

Assistant Teacher

Logan Villarosa

Lead Teacher

Dana Schnell

Assistant Teacher

Wish List

Together we can build an experience that shapes all aspects of child development. If you would like to help provide resources for Seeds of Joy, please visit our wish list on Amazon.