21 Day Stewardship Devotional Day 16

Pastor Ryan Balsan   -  

Read Proverbs 11:24-25, 28
The Bible does not condemn money. If anyone tells you that, they’re wrong. One of the signs of God’s favor is that one has been materially blessed. But not always (think of Zacchaeus).
The Bible give us a perspective on money and wealth that involves responsibility. In these proverbs, wealth comes with responsibility. In our world, we are taught to protect wealth, to be self-sufficient, and even to disregard the greater good. The Bible does not teach that financial security is sinful, but that it cannot be faithfully found at the expense of withdrawal from the common good.
True flourishing and wise living, according to scripture, is accompanied by generosity and care for our neighbors and the world. To believe that we can secure our future on our own, without regard for others is, according to the Bible, foolish.
 Lord, you call me to live wisely. Help me to be wise in how I use all that you have entrusted to me. Show me how I can be a blessing to the world. Amen.