21 Day Stewardship Devotional Day 19

Pastor Ryan Balsan   -  

Read Revelation 3:14-22
The book of Revelation gives us a vision of a new, different world. This vision emerges from striking imagery. Sometimes the language is so jarring that we misunderstand the main point. In this passage, we often get hung up on whether we are lukewarm and if Jesus is going to spit us out of his mouth. When we focus on this, we miss Jesus’ invitation in verse 18: to exchange our security in wealth for security in the Lord’s grace and provision.
What does this look like? It begins with a process of offering our lives to the Lord, asking for new vision to put our trust in Him, trusting that our obedience will enable us to see the world faithfully and truly as we draw closer to God. It begins with daily, intentional discipleship with our time, our money, our minds, and our deepest commitments.
Lord, I confess that I often put my trust in things that will not bring true security. I know that this keeps me from fully giving myself to you. Holy God, show me how I may buy from you “gold that is refined by fire,” so that I may see the world rightly and truly. Through Jesus Christ my Lord I pray, Amen.