Who is Jesus? A Lenten Journey through John – Day 3

Pastor Eric Dorville   -  

Read John 1:35-51
In this passage, the Gospel writer introduces us to some of Jesus’ first followers. John the Baptist’s proclamation, “Look the Lamb of God,” starts a chain reaction and people begin to follow Jesus! Several things spark this response: a strong desire to know the Messiah, confirmation of the scriptures, and the effect of God’s Word on their hearts. People experience life-changing encounters with Jesus. They also come to know each other, and personally invite others to meet Jesus, too.
Hmm. Why does John spend so much time describing their relationships and emphasize that they invite others to meet Jesus? Could sharing what God is doing in your life with your family and friends be an important “spark” for them to encounter Jesus?
Jesus touches each of our lives in unique ways. Do you share what stands out to you when you read God’s Word? Do you tell a friend what God impressed upon your heart in prayer? Are you excited to share with others when God answers prayer?
Dear Lord, open my heart to hear your still, small voice as I read your Word each day. Help me notice each time you answer prayer. Show me, Lord, some of the many ways you are at work in my life, and give me the courage and confidence to speak of you with those I love. Amen