Who is Jesus? A Lenten Journey through John – Day 22

Pastor Eric Dorville   -  

Read John 14:1-14
This has been one eventful after-dinner conversation. Judas has already stormed out to betray Jesus, Simon Peter has been outed as a denier of Christ, and now the rest of the disciples are asking exasperating questions.
“Show us the Father, and then we’ll be content,” begs Philip. In one sense, the request is audacious; he wants to come face to face with the eternal, almighty God. In another sense, it is frustratingly small-minded. Jesus, God-incarnate, is right there in front of him! As you look for God to show up in your own life, turn to Jesus. He’ll be there in scripture, in communion, and in his body the Church.
Loving Father, let us see you in your Son Jesus. Open our hearts to know you by knowing him. In Jesus’ name, Amen.