Who is Jesus? A Lenten Journey through John – Day 23

Pastor Eric Dorville   -  

John 14:15-31
“I will ask my Father and He will give you another Helper.” I can imagine the disciples thinking “Lord, we don’t want another helper— we have you, just stay with us.” Still Jesus knows his calling is not to be with them. His time with them is growing short.
Anxiety must’ve filled the room.
Which is probably why Jesus promises not only the Helper (whom we know as the Holy Spirit), but he promises peace. Not just any ordinary peace. His peace.
He knew their hearts would be troubled and heavy, but Jesus promises his peace will reside with them wherever they go. Whatever the storms of life might bring their way—Jesus is there.
This is a message of true hope. Even in our darkest times when our anxiety is through the roof —Jesus offers us his peace.
Cling to that promise. He gives it freely.
Lord, we need your peace to come and fill our hearts and our lives. No matter what life brings me, help me cling to the promise of your presence and peace. You are my rock, my anchor in the storm. Amen.