Who is Jesus? A Lenten Journey through John – Day 24

Pastor Eric Dorville   -  

Read John 15:1- 16:4
You are a branch of the true vine. We have this direct connection with our Heavenly Father to receive guidance, joy, and love. Our desire to grow this connection with God is ignited by the Holy Spirit.
As growing, fruit producing branches we all need pruning. Sometimes in life we are pulled away from places, relationships, even things that give comfort. God knows that this is difficult to go through, but he wants our hearts to be shaped so that we can continue to grow. He wants us to see the beauty in his will and purpose for our lives. Is there something in your life that God is pruning back to make it possible for more fruit to grow?
Heavenly Father, thank you that I can come to you about anything. It’s not always easy to go through change, but as I seek your will and purpose in my life, help me to stay strong in my faith and connection with You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.