Who is Jesus? A Lenten Devotional through John – Day 28

Pastor Eric Dorville   -  

Read John 19:1-42
Who’s in charge here? This is one of the questions that emerges from John’s telling of the crucifixion. Is it Pilate? Is it the religious authorities? Is it the crowds? Or is it Jesus?
When you read this passage, it becomes clear that Jesus is the one in charge, even as he is being led to the cross and crucified. It is Jesus who refuses to speak, it is Jesus who gives instruction to his mother and the others at the foot of the cross, and when Jesus dies he proclaims, “It is finished.”
In John’s gospel, Jesus willingly gives up his life for the salvation of the world, it is not taken from him. If Jesus is in charge, even to the bitter end of his own life, it means that we can trust him through any storm we face.
Lord, thank you that you are trustworthy and that Jesus is in command. Help me to trust in him. Amen.