What if… Day 6

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Read Luke 18:18-30

There are a few spots in this passage that grab our attention: the young man who has kept the law to the letter, but turns away from Jesus with sadness, Jesus’ saying about the eye of the needle, and the difficulty of the rich entering the kingdom of God. The key moment in this passage, though, comes in verses 26-27, “Those who heard it said, ‘Then who can be saved?’ He replied, ‘What is impossible for mortals is possible for God.’” The question at the center is key: Then who can be saved?

This passage is about salvation. It is God who saves. To believe that anything else will save us makes us idolaters because it is to place our trust in something other than the Lord. The rich young man thought that his obedience to the letter of the law would save him, and even cover his love of money. He loved money more than the Lord.

What do you trust that gives you security? Write these things down. Offer them to the Lord in prayer.


Holy God, you are the only one who saves. Deliver me from the belief that anything else will save me. I give you to all the things I hold dear, and commit myself to you by your grace. Amen.