What if… Day 10

Fpcambler   -  

Read Deuteronomy 24:19-22

Throughout scripture it is clear that God is concerned about people who do not have enough food, clothing, shelter, and care. It is perhaps the most common and prominent theme in all of scripture. This passage in Deuteronomy is a prime example. And it gives God’s people concrete instructions.

Basically, the passage teaches, “Don’t try to squeeze out every ounce of productivity and profit. Leave something for someone else.” To some, this might seem wasteful. These farmers are leaving crops in the field and money on the table!

People might see your giving to the church and other Christian ministries in the same way. Why would you give something away, when you don’t even know who will get it? One answer is you might give is that it is because the Lord commands it. Another answer is that God cares for the world, and for people who don’t have enough, and so do you. We are commanded to care about the things and people that God cares about.


Loving God, open my eyes to the needs around me. Enable me to be generous with the resources that you have given to me, and use them to care for the world you love. Amen.