What if… Day 13

Fpcambler   -  

Read Matthew 6:31-34

What is your first priority? There are a few ways to measure this. You can look at how you spend our time, what you dream about, and how you spend your money. All of these things show one’s priorities. Our priorities guide our choices.

In this passage, Jesus is teaching about priorities. He tells us to seek the Kingdom of God first, and then trust that all the other things we need will be given, too. It is a profound step of trust to put first the Kingdom of God, and trust that God will provide for our other needs, too.

If you make giving to the Lord a financial priority, you will find that your other financial needs will be met, too. Not because it’s a formula, but because the Lord will honor your faithfulness and perhaps even re-order your priorities.


Holy God, help me to order my priorities in a way that honors you. Jesus tells me to put Your kingdom first. By your grace, help me to prioritize your work. Amen.