Lives Changed By Christ

Eric Dorville   -  

Lives Changed By Christ

It is not just a slogan or pithy saying. It is our focus. It is a reality. Due to the faithfulness of people like you, we see and hear of how peoples’ lives are changed through ministry done in Jesus’ name.

Here is but one example:

My journey to FPC Ambler has been long and interesting, but very much worth it.  I came on a whim because of a casual invitation by someone who knew I was on a church journey.  I had left a church that I had been a part of for a long time.  It didn’t feel like home anymore.  It didn’t feel peaceful or anything like a place of sanctuary.  That was what I wanted and needed from a church, so that is what I had started looking for.  To find a place that fit my needs took a while and many church visits.  When I came to FPC Ambler people immediately knew that I was not a regular attendee and welcomed me.  As the morning went on more and more people introduced themselves and chatted for a few minutes.  I felt welcomed right away.

I continued to come to services weekly because of the warm welcome I was given. I swore after I left my prior church that I would never join or become a member of another church.  I had been hurt and it felt too hard and complicated to do it again.  I wanted to stay in the background and be spiritually fed that way.  Much to my surprise, I started meeting great people who accepted me for who I am, and amazing connections and friendships were formed.  The idea if becoming a part of a church like this started to become appealing.  Eventually, I made the decision to join.  Exactly one year after I first visited, I was welcomed and introduced to the congregation.

When we give to FPC Ambler that generosity enables us to make a home here for everyone who finds their way to FPC Ambler.

You can make your end-of-year- tax-deductible gift in a variety of ways:

Give online

Give by text simply text: 1.877.471.8483 with an amount and follow their instructions

Stock transfers

Check made payable to FPC Ambler

If you have questions call the church office and we will gladly help you.