2024 Hosting Family Promise

January 1 - 31  |  First Presbyterian Church of Ambler

4 South Ridge Avenue, Ambler, PA, USA

Join us in welcoming Family Promise guests during the month of January 2024.

This year we are emphasizing serving together, so you can sign up for say…a week of the morning host role, then recruit friends to do it with you! That would include checking in and making sure everyone is out on time in the morning, and the building is ready to start the day!

Evening hosts greet our guests, check on any needs or communication, and see that the kitchen and fellowship hall are set to rights for the night. (with the help of the families)

Dinner is Dinner! Because of changes in the Family Promise model, we only have 3 slots a week available for this fulfilling service. You will be provided the size of the families, any allergies, etc and drop off the meals in the kitchen.

All host roles will be fully supported with emailed and printed instructions, help just a phone call away, and a warm handoff from the previous week’s host.

Contact Debi Ferrarello with any questions.